All bookings are subject to availability. There may be a travel fee required depending on location.

Terms of Service

1. A deposit of half the performance fee is required when scheduling the event in order to secure your date and time. The remainder of the fee is due at the beginning of the event. Checks are not accepted. (DEPOSIT NON-REFUNDABLE)

2. The only form of payment accepted is either cash or paypal.

3. For birthday parties - locations further than an hour away from Shrewsbury will be charged an extra fee of $25.

4. If the performer falls ill and is unable to attend the event she will notify the customer 24-48 hours in advance and a full refund will be issued. If a customer needs to cancel their booking with Woodland Whispers they are asked to give at least 48 hours notice. If a confirmation email is not sent by the performer (Woodland Whispers/Brenna Davis) regarding that the performer has received the cancellation notice within 24 hours you must call the provided phone number (717-891-9668). If no email or phone call was made to the performer a charge of $25 will be sent to the customer. 

5. For private parties, birthday parties, etc. - the amount of kids is to be (12), however, if you would like to have more than (12) guests, an additional $10 for every child will be added. If there is more than (15) kids an additional fee of $75 will be added for an assistant to come with Woodland (her fairy-godmother: Primrose). 

6. Advertisement/marketing for the performer is required for public events/festivals on all social media platforms, website(s) and print marketing materials. 

7. For ALL public events/festivals a three hour performance minimum is required unless otherwise specified/negotiated with event coordinator. 

8. A table and vending space must be provided if requested. 

9. All photos and videos must be provided to performer if requested. 

10. For private parties and events ALL parents must sign a photo release form for their children ( Form Found HERE), all photos/videos are subject to use for all forms of advertisement by the performer. 

11. A one hour break is required for the performer if the event is longer than 6 hours. 

12. If any damage to the performers equipment occurs the host is responsible for paying any damages that may occur. 

13. If the performer feels their safety has been compromised in any way due to hostile or unsafe behavior, hazardous conditions, or unsanitary environment, the performer has the right to leave immediately. Woodland Whispers (Brenna Davis) reserves the right to not provide a refund in these situations.